I have found after many years of doing appliance service in the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley area that the average person is not afraid to spend whatever it takes to buy the very best appliances.

But they are surprised when their fairly new front loaded washer and or dryer stops working.  This often involves an expensive trip to the house for a qualified service technician.

The question then is often asked “why if one spends so much money on a quality washer or dryer does it have to break down?”  The people in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley certainly have the right to know the answer to their problem without spending money to find out why the problem happens in their fairly new front loader washer or dryer. If you request quality appliance repair from our partner you will receive a discount on the first service.

The answer is fairly inexpensive. The front load washers and dryers while being engineered so expertly is prone to lint built up in many small joints. Good appliance repair technicians recognize this potential problem and will warn a person of the danger before the problem even happens.

So owners in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley of the new front load washer and dryers please remember to ask your appliance repairman to show you the areas of potential problems.